The Elderly Brothers


    Known for their tight three part harmony, Bill, Jack and Harry began singing for fun some twenty five years ago.  It was a few years ago they decided to accept requests to share their love of the music they grew up on by playing in public, a move they’re thrilled with.  “When people start clapping in the middle of a song, you know you’ve made a connection.”, says Harry Spring, guitarist and vocalist.  Taking their name from the Everly Brothers seemed a natural since they’d been singing the close harmony songs of Don and Phil for years.  It was when they were stumbling with lyrics they’d sung hundreds of times that Harry quipped “we sound more like The Elderly Brothers than the Everly Brothers.” Right then they knew they had their name, one that has resonated with fans everywhere.  “ The Elderly Brothers says it all. It’s a great marketing tool. Our audience already has an idea of what we sing and sound like by our name.”, notes keyboardist and vocalist Jack Casey.

Along with original songs by Bill Thomas, vocals and guitar, Harry Spring and Mark Gorman, the group’s repertoire include the songs of the Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison,, Crosby, Stills and Nash, The Eagles, Neil Young, The Beatles, Jimmy Reed and other singer/songwriters of the 60’s and 70’s, even reaching back to some from the 50’s.

   Mark Gorman joined The Elderly Brothers as bassist and vocalist in January, 2007.  “He’s a wonderful addition...a great player and terrific vocalist, both on lead and picking up that third harmony on backgrounds.  His talent overcame the age question...just too young to be Elderly.”, adds Thomas,  longtime songwriter for the Captain Kangaroo Show.

    Added to this roster is the addition of the wonderful lead guitar and vocals of Ed Ledwith.

The Elderly Brothers all agree, “We have a great time and so do our audiences.”



The Elderly Brothers

The Elderly Brothers at Blitheowld, L-R Ed Ledwith, Harry Spring, Bill Thomas, Mark Gorman & Jack Casey.